Apr 032017

Myth #1

Moving will make my back pain worse

In September last year the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy launched a campaign to challenge the misconceptions about back pain.

These misconceptions are

  • Moving will make my back pain worse
  • I should avoid exercise, especially weight training
  • A scan will show me exactly what is wrong
  • Pain equals damage

These beliefs if taken literally, can be harmful and cause further problems. Physiotherapists can provide simple, accurate information and advice which can help to reduce pressure on the NHS, help people with pain to become more active and mobile, and consequently help people remain at work and boost productivity in the workplace.
LBP myth1 Some movements can be uncomfortable when you have back pain. However, it is well established that returning to movement and work as soon as you are able, is better for both recovery and preventing recurrence than bed rest and immobility.

Normal movement and activity promotes normal healing.

Our spines, including the vertebrae (bones), discs that sit in between the vertebrae and the joints, are designed to move in different directions, including bending forward. The muscles around the spine are designed to do the movements. If we reduce or stop the movements, we lose the ability to do them properly.

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Don’t be afraid to move, including twisting and bending. Gradually increase the amount you do to give your body time to adapt to changes in activity, stay on the go, and where you can, change activity and posture frequently.


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